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About Us
Aqualogic has been providing a diverse array of professional services in the fields of water management, mineral resources evaluation, environmental impact assessment, and design of information systems since 1999. The firm’s philosophy is to provide exceptional standards of quality service to its clients. This is achieved through a team of multi-skilled professionals, each of whom is selected through a rigorous process. That is why our greatest strength is our team of geoscientists, environmental engineers, environmental scientists, and information system analysts. Additional to selecting only the best professionals, we have set quality control measures to ensure that we provide cost effective and practical solutions to environmental and information system problems. In some cases, we collaborate with highly specialised professionals who are called upon on a project-by-project basis where their skills are required. Our approach to solving problems is based on: in-depth understanding of the problem; collecting quality data; and applying appropriate empirical and numerical techniques .

In the area of water management our focus is in groundwater resources evaluation, including physical and chemical process modelling. Connected to groundwater resources evaluation, we provide services in mineral resources exploration and evaluation. Our professional services regarding environmental impact assessment include: socio-economic impact assessment; biophysical impact assessment; archaeological impact assessment and environmental audits. Regarding information systems, we specialise in: spatial data analysis; systems analysis and design. We provide these professional services to a wide range of clients, from government departments to private firms.
To be the leading geosciences, environmental management and information systems organisation.
Mission & Values
To deliver high standards of quality and competency in environmental and iCT testing services according to the following core principles:
  • Transparency and integrity in providing professional consultancy services.
  • Reliability in delivering results that meet & exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Right solutions for the right customer.
  • Adherence to governmental laws and regulations.
  • Advocating awareness to health, safety and a safer environment.